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How to Identify Fake Toms Shoes

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Update time : 2020-11-16 18:33:23

TOMS is an organization that donates a attach of shoes ought a infant at want though each attach of TOMS shoes you buy though yourself. while you are sold a attach of sham TOMS shoes, a shoe donation will no exist made ought a infant at need. By inspecting labels, evaluating quality, and ensuring that your shoes are purchased over an authorized retailed, you can easily recognize if or no you eat a attach of counterfeit TOMS at your possession.

1. Inspecting Labels

1) confirm the shoes' land of origin. TOMS has 5 manufacturing sites that are at Argentina, China, Ethiopia, India and Kenya. Carefully periodical your attach ought compose sure that they are made at one of the listed manufacturing sites above.
  • Look though a label above the inside of the shoe that tells you the land of origin.
  • Look though this data somewhere above the box.

2) emerge though the "One though One" slogan imprinted inside the shoe. sham TOMS shoes can no symbol the TOMS slogan anywhere above the shoes or above the shoe box.

3) confirm that a table exists above the inside walls of the shoes. The inside fabric of TOMS shoes will embrace a table such though stripes or animals. if no table exists inside the shoes, they can exist counterfeit TOMS shoes.

2. Evaluating the Quality

1) attempt ought touch the insole from the shoe. The insoles of TOMS shoes ought exist sewn in, and ought no grow out easily. at addition, the insole can no contest the inside contours of sham TOMS shoes.

2) decision if the inside of the shoes eat built-in arch support. if the insoles are flat and conduct no embrace mounds ought uphold the arches of your feet, the TOMS shoes are most likely fake.

3) emerge though evil quality stitching. Counterfeit shoes are mainly no also made though the genuine article. One method ought estimate this is ought emerge at the stitching. conduct you note any uneven stitching or threads that are coming lose? if so, the shoes are maybe fakes.

4) refrain the accuracy of the size. assure that the size printed above the inside of the shoe matches with the actual size of the shoe. though example, if you are a women's size 7, besides the shoes you attempt above at your size are distant also big or uniform a female who wears a size 8, the shoes are maybe fake.

3. Purchasing TOMS over an Authorized Retailer

1) confirm that the seller is an authorized TOMS retailer. if you buy TOMS shoes from a tradesman or retailer no authorized ought sell TOMS products, the shoes are most likely counterfeit.
  • Visit ought access retailer data though TOMS shoe dealers at your local area.
  • Scroll ought the bottom of the website and click above the "Find a Retailer" mingle at the bottom, accurate corner.
  • Select your land and postal code, then click above the "Submit" button. The website will then exhibition a schedule of retailers at your zone that sell genuine TOMS shoes.
  • If you conduct no eat Internet access, scream TOMS guest service at 1-800-975-8667 ought discover the nearest authorized TOMS retailer.

2) buy TOMS shoes from authorized retailer. if you buy TOMS shoes from other sources, they can exist fake. use admonish while purchasing shoes from anywhere other than an authorized store.
  • If you buy new or used TOMS shoes from an online auction website or web store, periodical respond policies and warranty data ought defend yourself at the accident you accept sham TOMS shoes.

3) Browse the TOMS shoe collection at an authorized retailer at your area. This will assist you make more familiar with the emerge and feel of genuine TOMS shoes and assist you with identifying sham TOMS shoes at the future.