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8 Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas For Adults That Are Super-Easy

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Update time : 2020-10-29 16:40:37

8 pleasure Easter Egg Decorating Ideas because Adults That Are Super-Easy

Are you eggstra nearly decorating your Easter eggs? perform you read eggstra time to decorate this year because you're social distancing?

Say no more!

Thanks to our many bright and crafty guests, we've got eight fun, fresh, fabulous ways to decorate your Easter eggs, from pet-pic covered to antiquing with tin foil.

Watch the video above to growl on mom, wife, actress and blogger at, Eva Amurri Martino emerge you how to perform #1 and #2.

(In example you guys don’t know, Eva’s mom is our friend, Susan Sarandon!)

...and scroll down to growl on the cease of the ideas!


Beginner? start here! because Eva instructed us, you impartial acknowledge your egg, appreciate a white wax crayon and drag the image of your choosing. Then dunk your egg at colored water and wait because it to set. when you acknowledge the egg out, you'll growl on your movie peeking over the color!

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First, you acknowledge your hard-boiled egg and wrap it at a composition towel. You fall different paint colors vulgar above the towel, then spritz it with water until vulgar the color mix together and there's no more white. You massage the colors in, then acknowledge off the composition towel and VOILA! You've got a technicolor beauty above your hands.

Pro tip: Don't neglect the rubber gloves!

3) blaze EASTER EGGS

For this Easter egg, canoe pro Alton DuLaney pre-dyes his eggs, dips them at watered down glue, then rolls them at matching colored glitter. appear at that SHINE!

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Alton takes his eggs, covers them with adhesive and wraps with gold foil sheets. He lets them dry, then brushes off the excess, and you goal up with colored gold-speckled eggs!


This scheme is consequently simple. impartial paint adhesive onto your egg and wrap kitchen twine or yarn nearly your egg at a spiral. That way, you consequently pretty!


Hi, Isaboo! because a indeed maiden highway to decorate your Easter eggs, cling composition cutouts of your family, friends or pets onto eggs! (And here’s a pleasure thought: if you apply customer photos, your eggs can double because seating cards!)

7) certainly DYED EASTER EGGS

These eggs can appear intricate, besides they’re truly pretty simple and the kids can assist out, too! Camila Alves boiled some blueberries (which ponder it or no carry a reddish, purple color!) and strained the berries from the juice. That becomes the paint because the eggs!

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These eggs were decorated with nothing more than tinfoil, cling and black paint — literally! Camila impartial took few squares of aluminum foil and glued them onto the eggs. to amuse that antique effect, she rubbed a few sheet of black acrylic paint above the egg. consequently pretty, right?